AnyTrans for iOS 6.3.6 (20180823) Torrent 2019 Free For Mac

AnyTrans for iOS 6.3.6 (20180823) Torrent is here. AnyTrans, the alternative to iTunes to manage files on iPhone and iPad from Mac


anytrans torrent

AnyTrans for iOS 6.3.6 (20180823) Torrent For Mac

it is an application for Mac and Windows with which you can replace iTunes and manage all the information that is in your Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod devices. Although Anytrans is not translated into Spanish (you will find translated into English, French, Japanese and German), its use is so easy and intuitive you will not have problems to master in a few minutes. Thanks to its clear and visual interface, with icons that indicate the operations you can perform, you are exchanging information between your computer and your mobile almost from the first minute.

AnyTrans is a great alternative to iTunes manager. Using AnyTrans headaches when you sync information between your devices and the computer will be terminated. By using the simile that everyone knows “copy and paste” passing information becomes child’s play. If this ease of use we add the possibility of automatically converting video formats so you can play whatever you want on your iPhone, iPad or iPod, AnyTrans it becomes the tool that cannot miss on your computer to keep you the easiest life. The only “but” you can put it that is not translated into Spanish, although in reality, thanks to the intuitive interface of the app, you will understand without problems seeing only what each icon represented a button.

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