Avast Premier 2015 Activation Code

Avast Premier 2015 Activation Code – Free Download. Avast premier is an antivirus and gives full suite protection to your PC. Avast premier 2015 activation code has multi-function tools and offers so many features.  It has an intuitive user interface. It is user-friendly and modern. A very-easy-to-use and powerful Antivirus.

Avast Premier 2015 Activation Code

They constantly their database, protects the computer against latest spyware, viruses and hazardous sites. It has high scores in antivirus testing. It also has powerful secure deletion utility.


Avast Premier 2015 Activation Code Key Features:

  • Smart Scan.
  • System optimization.
  • Friendly user interface.
  • Ransomware shield.
  • Anti-rootkit tools.
  • Antispyware.
  • Antivirus.

Avast Premier 2015 Activation Code - Free Download

New technologies:

Avast premier 2015 activation code now has added new technologies like secure DNS, scan https, home security network. The add-on browser further adds improves PC’s protection with its features like cookies and social tracking blocking.

A Standout Feature Of Avast Premier.

Another amazing and standout feature of this antivirus is that it has Webcam shield. It allows you total configure access to your webcam and keeps the peeping Toms’ eyes off, who try to watch you through your webcam.  It tells you and lets you decide who uses your camera and can even force all the apps to ask your permission before they access your webcam.

Ransomware Shield.

Avast premier 2015 activation code protects precious and important files from being modified or altered without permission.

It gives its premium users more protection by walling off their pictures, files, documents,  and any other special folders from unwanted changes. Any unwanted and untrusted application trying to change or alter your personal data will be stopped, however Ransomware shield only protects some designated, special files not all the files.

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An Awesome Data Shredder.

If you want to permanently delete a file then moving it to recycle bin can be risky and even if you delete it, it is not deleted from disk.  The easiest and safest way to delete a file securely from your phone is to right click it and then use shred, using Avast from the contexts menu.  Avast will overwrite the file’s data with random bytes and then delete it. Now any forensic recovery utility will just recover those random bytes.  Avast is the best choice if you want to shred your whole drive giving or selling it away to somebody.

Software Upgrade Updater.

Hackers always try to find the security holes or loopholes and destruct and exploit them to steal information and data. Now, those patches and holes must be installed to save your device from being vulnerable, this special feature makes sure that other popular applications and browsers stay up to date security wise.

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It offers automation, once you have it, it works in the background and automatically updates the latest versions of things it tracks. It is all automated and works all by itself when there is a need.

Bonus Feature.

It also has a network security inspector, a password manager and does not track powerful tool, a hardened browser and price checker which checks and finds you better deals for online shopping. Get more hacks at http://www.crackslust.com.

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