Download Angelic Vibes 808 Bloodline Torrent For Mac

808 present the most unique in the market.
808s pressed almost to its limits and brought the most diverse set of sounds that exist. 808 carefully sculpted each from scratch, making sure to give all kinds of sounds. From hard blows and kicks low shot to the 808 definition of fall and monsters too saturated, Bloodline is the secret sauce that will add to all your rhythms.

Here are the benefits
Many farmers do not want to waste time stirring 808 samples and returning them to the perfect key. Bloodline 808 VST completely eliminates this process. All you have to do is load Bloodline in your mix and ready. Then you have access to a library of 808 essential and quite rare.

Unique sound design
Instead we recreate the same old 808 that are available everywhere on the web, we set out to create all new types of 808 generally do not listen. Thank you to our willingness to experiment and take risks, we express this rare collection of 808 sounds! 808 of this package really expand your creativity and challenge you to try new things.

This is what you get
808 Bloodline VST VST is a fully functional including 75 exclusive presets and 808 effects knobs integrated. Also it included as a special bonus, 75 vocal chants of exclusive trap, 75 samples WAV tuned and 75,808 loops that will make production much easier. Now you really can get more for your money.

Add multiple genres
Although the 808 Bloodline VST is designed for producers and Hip Hop Trap, can absolutely be used in a wide range of other genres such as Chillout, RNB, Dubstep, Trance and more. This plugin VST 808 is truly versatile and has a single genus. Even special bonuses can be used in all genres mentioned above.

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Using this add
Simply load Bloodline in DAW and you configure. From there, you can start adding these essential sounds 808 rhythms. 808 multiple stacks for different sounds, slide your 808 or knob adjusts the attack to turn it into a bass. The possibilities are endless! As for the songs and loops, You already know what to do with those!

  •  VST fully functional
  • Effects and envelopes
  • 75 high quality 808
  • Special Bonuses

For some reason, the official site does not mention anything about the AU version. 
Just FYI, this is included. Enjoy it!

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