Download Data Rescue Professional 4.3 Torrent For Mac

Version: 4.3 (5162.70.17)
Size: 12.68 MB

Mac Platform:
Intel, 64-bit processor
OS X 10.8 or later

Powerful hard drive data recovery solution

Data Rescue 4 is the best Mac data recovery software because it combines a very high recovery success rate with an exceptionally intuitive interface. Even novice users can recover data from their hard drives with this software. It proved to be the best Mac recovery app for recovering photos and documents in our tests, while being among the best for recovering videos and music. It is also one of only two apps that recovered many of the original file names.

Developed by Prosoft Engineering, Data Rescue 4 is Mac data recovery software used and sold by the Data Rescue Center, which is a hard drive recovery service. This software provides an exceptional balance of performance and ease of use. It recovers photos and documents with a higher success rate than any Mac recovery app we reviewed, and it also recovers video and music files at a success rate well above the average. When you combine the recovery rates with the high ease of use, it clearly earns the Top Ten Reviews Gold Award for best Mac data recovery software.

Picture Recovery
Data Rescue 4 is the only Mac recovery app that recorded an average of 100 percent of the photos in every test we performed. Every app in our review recorded a high recovery rate for photos in both the lost file and the reformatted drive tests. This is because the data patterns of photo files are easy to decipher and recover. For comparison, the average recovery rate for the lost file test was 99 percent and the average recovery rate for the reformatted drive test was 98 percent. The difference of a few percentages might seem minor until you consider that 1 percent of a standard 1TB hard drive is 10GB of data. That means you could be looking at a difference of thousands of lost photos, depending on the amount of data you’re trying to recover. In any case, Data Rescue 4 gives you the best chance at recovering your photos.

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Document Recovery
Documents aren’t easy to recover and often come back only partially with most Mac recovery software, but Data Rescue 4 proved to be the best at recovering documents as well. In the lost file test, it recovered 100 percent of the documents. In the reformatted drive test, it recovered 99 percent of the documents. Both rates are the best in the review. For comparison, the average recovery rate for the lost file test was 76 percent and the average recovery rate for the reformatted drive test was 81 percent. It’s clear that if you’re looking to recover an important document or spreadsheet, you’ll have the best chance with this software.

Video & Music Recovery
Data Rescue 4 didn’t record the best success rates for the video and music files. However, the recovery rates were still high enough for this to be considered one of the best Mac recovery apps for recovering media files. The recovery rate in the lost file test was 94 percent. For comparison, the best recovery rate in this test was 100 percent, but the average success rate was 68 percent. Only two other apps recorded a higher success rate. The recovery rate for the reformatted drive test was 93 percent, which was beat by only one other program. The average recovery rate in this test was 67 percent. If you’re looking to recover home videos from a reformatted external hard drive, which is one of the most common scenarios for data loss, Data Rescue 4 gives you one of the best chances.

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Ease of Use
Data Rescue 4 really excels with how easy the interface is to navigate for novice users. It received an A for the installation, which means you’ll have it installed, registered and ready to scan within five minutes. The scanning stage received an A-, which means that the scanning button is clearly labeled and it took our novice user less than a minute to figure out how to initiate a scan. The recover stage of the process also received an A. From installation to recovery, the interface walks you through the process so that all you have to do is click the next button.

You can also expect to recover most of the original file names. This makes the entire process so much easier than it is with other Mac recovery apps, which assign random file names to the recovered files. Instead of combing through all these unfamiliar names, you’ll have many of the original file names intact with the recovery. We did, however, find that sometimes the file name was incorrect, particularly with the music files. An MP3 might have the file name of “Flogging Molly’s What’s Left of the Flag.mp3,” but when you play the file, the song is actually one by a different band.

The software’s scan and recovery speeds were below average on HDD, but well above average for the SSD. The average scan speed for an HDD was 60.55GB per hour, with the average recovery speed being 66.6GB per hour. For comparison, the average scan speed for an HDD was 95GB per hour and the average recovery speed was 89GB per hour. However, the scan and recovery speed for the SSD make up for that with averages of 450GB per hour and 200GB per hour. Both are almost 100GB per hour faster than the average.

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Use Data Rescue to recover:

• crashed, corrupted or non-mounting hard drive

• deleted, damaged, or lost files

• reformatted or erased hard drive

• One powerful new feature found in Data Rescue 4 is BootWell. Your Mac’s main hard drive (sometimes referred to as the Main HD or Boot Drive) is where all of your computer files are stored. When there is a problem with this hard drive it can be very difficult, frustrating and time-consuming to get those files back. BootWell is an all-new feature that makes recovery of your main hard drive painless, fast, and easy.

• Works on all Mac hard drives even if they fail to mount or only partially operate

• Recovers digital pictures from your camera media even after it has been erased or reformatted

• Recover your entire Mac hard drive or just the files you need.

• Recovers all file types from any HFS/HFS+ formatted hard drive

• Tuned for all modern OS X versions 10.8 and later

• Recovers from any iMac, Macbook, Macbook Pro, MacBook Air, Mac mini, MacPro, including Retina displays

• RAW data recovery is enabled from the entire Mac hard drive

• Supports Data recovery from NTFS-based Boot Camp Partitions

Version 4.3 (5162.70.17):
• Added support for macOS 10.12
• Added built-in chat for quick and easy live support
• Improved reliability of searching by date
• macOS 10.8 is now the minimum required version
• DR Pro: Recovers unlimited drives & unlimited data (this post !!)

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