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FIFA 2017

Football is now not just another sports game like other ones, but right now it has achieved its heights by crazy fans all around the world. There is barely any person who is not aware of this game or who is not interested in it. And with each day passing football fans are growing in a great number. And of course all the football fans would like to have a video game as well related to it, and as a matter of truth there is a whole series of Football video game, and it is known as FIFA, and FIFA 2017 Patch is the latest instalment of this video gaming series. FIFA 2017 free download is basically designed by a very famous gaming company known as Electronic Arts or EA.

Download FIFA 2017 Crack


And this FIFA 2017 100% working is the first ever game which features some of the great footballers yet including Eden Hazard, Anthony Martial, Marco Reus, and James Rodriguez. Now there are four different teams, and each team features one of the legendary football players of these four. FIFA 2017 Crack has been developed for each gaming platform including PC, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 4. Though the game is same for all the consoles, there are some slight changes in the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions, like FUT Championship Mode, and Squad Building Challenge Mode has been removed for just these two versions.


If you need to install FIFA 2017 on your computer system, then you will also need FIFA 2017 Serial Key. Otherwise, you will be unable to open and play this game. Furthermore, there is something special for the users of PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One users. And that mode is known as The Journey. This is basically one of the amazing modes in whole FIFA 2017, as this is a single player story mode, which features struggle of a young kid, who wants to follow the footsteps of his grandfather. The player is basically a fictional character in this game, who is named as Alex Hunter.

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The Journey Mode

The story of this young kid starts when he was only 17 years old, and who lived in the small town of London known as Hackney. But he is not just some normal child, actually, he is the grandson of one of the legendary football player Jim Hunter who was a Hero of all the Premier League Seasons of 1968 till 1969. And he was the only player to strike most goals than any other player. Now Alex Hunter has just one goal in his life, and that is to be like his Grandfather and be a legend in Premier League. And soon after some time, Alex starts his football career with his best friend and a member of his team Gareth Walker. And as they both proceeds, then a point comes where they both have to pay an exit trail to join Premier League Season. So now FIFA 2017 is all about the journey of these two young and energetic players to beat other despite being best friends for several years.

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