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Joystick ‘n Sliders 1.5

The Joystick controllers are commonly used in facial 3D character animation. With this tool, simply sets out five consecutive keyframes to represent the extremes of origin, right, left, up and down. With these selected layers, can instantly create a joystick controller at the stage appropriately interpolate between these extremes.

For many characters, you may want to have replaceable parts such as loops for different angles. Joysticks’ n Sliders allows you to create a template exchange to help automate the exchange of those assets according to the position of the joystick.

The sliders are similar in configuration Joysticks. Although the sliders may seem more technical than the joysticks to control their animation can be much more powerful. Unlike joysticks, there is no limit to the number of poses that you can create with your layers. Also, you can mix them together the way you want. This is ideal for manipulating hands, eyes, mouths, or even a set of poses for the whole body of a character. You can even use for motion graphics and abstract animation.

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