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Maple is a powerful and complete application with which you can perform any mathematical operation, no matter how complicated it is, in a matter of seconds.

Maple 2017.2

Maple is relatively simple to operate, with an intuitive interface: here you have it the central panel where you perform operations and results, plus a series of floating menus. These provide you access to commands related to the most complicated operations, as well as a number of mathematical symbols and signs.

So, you can calculate from the basic operations (add, subtract, multiply or divide) to more complex ones such as square roots, sines, cosines, logarithms, factorials, prime numbers, derivatives, integrals, limits, powers and so three thousand functions. It also includes a powerful utility for displaying mathematical 2D and 3D graphics.
Maple news from 2017:

Extend the power of Maple packages created by the user
MapleCloud now it gives you instant access and seamless to a rich collection of packages that extend user skills Maple and even notifies you when updates are available.

Build even complicated plots easily
The Maple Plot Builder in 2017 has a new design that makes it even easier to create and customize a variety of graphics, simply and without knowing a single command layout.

Solve more problems
with Maple 2017, you can find exact solutions to more PDEs with boundary conditions, find new limits, solve more comprehensive, perform calculations theory new graphics, calculate more properties group, working with new hypergeometric functions and more.

Protect your work
Now you can password protect worksheets while allowing access to procedures that contain, so you can share your work without sharing your IP.

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Expand your worldview
New tools for viewing maps and geographical database allow you to explore and understand the global data in a visual way.

Express your assumptions
You can give Maple further information about your problem, and Maple will take into account these assumptions in further calculations, eliminating the solutions do not need and simplifying the results properly.

Add a new layer of information to their plots
in Maple 2017, you can add annotations dynamic layout that appear when you mouse over specific points or curves, so you can still transmit more information in their charts.

Get a head start on solving engineering problems
The Maple Portal for Engineers, which provides a starting point for common engineering tasks now covers many more topics, including more examples and provides sample applications to help you become productive quickly.

Develop your own algorithms and solutions
from the performance improvements in basic functions, to a more flexible debugger, to new tools that simplify the creation and distribution of packages, Maple 2017 offers everything you need to develop algorithms and complex solutions on their own .

Learn about your data
enhanced support for statistics and data analysis includes new and enhanced visualizations, new analysis tools for data and extended data frames in Maple support, so you can work and learn from their data.

System Requirements:

macOS 10.12, 10.11, 10.10
CPU 64-bit Intel
4 GB of space

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