Download Pixel Film Studios – FCPX Toolbox: Volume 2 Torrent for mac

Editing tools for FCPX
FCPX Toolbox Volume 2 offers users of Final Cut Pro X a new batch of essential effects and devices that all serious publishers can use to finish and polish their projects. From tools patching up camera movements without key frames, the toolbox of FCPX can quickly and easily create looks that would otherwise not be possible in Final Cut Pro X.

Tool patching
users Final Cut Pro X now airbrush can be cleaned and clean textures, marks or unwanted objects from your scene with Patching Tool Pixel Film Studios. Editors can simply apply the tool to your clip, move the patch over the blemish and then select a sample area of the image to replace it .

Reflective surface tool
users can use FCPX reflective surface tool to add a clean and elegant sparkle to any image. Publishers can apply the effect to your image, adjust the controls of reflection and then move on the surface to see the light interact with your image.

Shadow 3D tool
Users of Final Cut Pro X can create realistic shadows like never before with 3D Shadow FCPX Toolbox tool included in Volume 2. Publishers can add up to 4 light sources to your scene to create each angle of shade and pattern They wish. This effect is ideal for cuts shapes and logos.

3D camera movements
With the 3D camera tools, users can move and turn in an area of your image without setting up a single key frame in Final Cut Pro X. This tool allows users to create a camera path simply by using the onscreen controls in the FCPX viewer window.

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Path tools Text
editors can use Path Text Tool to wrap text in a circle, square, wavy or customized 3 points in Final Cut Pro X. With onscreen controls and easy to use parameters, publishers can quickly set up the bending flexible text in a few clicks of a mouse.

reflective text
Users can create clean and polished titles with reflective text tool in FCPX Toolbox Volume 2. onscreen controls and reflection customize able parameters, publishers can place your text in 3D space and observe how the brightness reacts to the change in orientation .

Text Shadows
Users can create epic titles by adding long dramatic shadows to your text. With the Shadow tool included in FCPX Toolbox, publishers can control both the text and the light source in 3D space to create all kinds of shade they want.

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