Download Rumpus PRO 8.1.8 Free Torrent For Mac

Rumpus – easy to use, high-performance FTP, WebDAV server for Mac OS X.

Rumpus PRO 8.1.8
Built-in, easy-to-administer user accounts, integrated transmission in the Internet files, download files, notification, extensive security settings, amazing performance, and more … It also includes a remote monitor server activity, Rumpus FileWatch, and server statistics widget, RumpusStat.

Rumpus is an easy way to run your own FTP or file transfer web server. Allow your clients to easily upload and download files directly to your network, using a dedicated FTP-client or any standard Web browser. The web interface that supports all major web browsers on the Mac and the PC, is fully customizable to match your existing website and brand your business. Rumpus is also safe and uses an encrypted transmission and user access control.

What’s New

Rebuilt Web File Manager
The Rumpus Web File Manager (WFM) has been rebuilt from the ground up to be easier to use, more flexible, more efficient and include new features. Almost every element of the Web interface is now customizable right from within the Rumpus application, for example:
File and folder menus are now completely customizable, and the same menus are displayed in both standard and thumbnail directory listing views.
Setup wizards allow administrators to quickly define color pallets and basic options, and then individually fine tune the display of dozens of different elements.
Action buttons can be displayed in different styles, with more fine tuning controls, and in different positions within the interface.
Progress indicators have been simplified and improved, and can now be displayed for file downloads as well as uploads.
The data required to deliver Web interface pages is up to 50% less than in past versions, while being presented in a more modern, cleaner style.
For Drop Ship users, the new Web interface includes a drop ship history, allowing senders to view past shipments and easily copy / paste previous URLs for resending.
Users can now move files between folders, without transferring them to and from the server.
Video files can be displayed in a branded display interface which includes a “Download Now” option for permanent retrieval of the file.

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SFTP Service
Rumpus now supports SFTP clients, in addition to HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, FTPS and WebDAV. User accounts and restrictions are applied just as they are in any other protocol. Just turn on SFTP service in Rumpus (a 10 second task) and your clients can use any standard SFTP client to transfer and manage files.

New Event Notices
New Event Notice types can save text or XML files when users upload files. Handy for use along with Upload Center forms, this makes it easy to prompt users for information about uploaded files and record meta-data about uploaded files.

Auto-Complete Form Fields
Administrators can now create lists, which can be used in form text fields as prompts for users during data entry. For example, you might create a list of all the e-mail addresses of people in your company, and assign it as an auto-complete list for an “e-mail” Upload Center field. Auto-complete lists can also be applied to File Request and Drop Ship mail fields, making it easier for local users to address messages sent by Rumpus.

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