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VDMX5 is a modular realtime video performance application which has been evolving and undergoing continuous development for a number of years (technically, it’s classified as a beta). “b8” refers to the 8th major series of builds (beta 8.x.x.x)

VDMX5 b8.0.7.3

VDMX5 is a program that lets you assemble custom realtime video processing applications and allows a great deal of creative control over how you wish to interact with your backend. The general program flow is relatively straightforward: movies (and quartz composer documents) are played back in layers, image effects are applied to the video stream in each layer, and the layers are composited with each other. Plugins may be created which provide measures of additional functionality or alternative interfaces, ranging from simple clip-triggering to audio analysis to preview windows. There is a measure clock, which may be tied to devices outputting midi timecode, and is used to synchronize events. MIDI hardware may be used with nearly every slider and button in the app- VDMX has a midi detect mode which will learn your hardware as you use it. Once you find yourself with a setup you like, the preset manager is used to save everything so you don’t have to retrace your steps.

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