GarageSale 7.0.15 Torrent Free For Mac

GarageSale 7.0.15 Torrent is here. GarageSale is elegant and complete for the online auction system eBay client application. Create and manage your auctions with ease.


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GarageSale 7.0.15 Torrent For Mac

With GarageSale, you can create, edit, track and manage multiple auctions into one intuitive application. GarageSale even integrates with several international eBay sites as well as PayPal and Twitter, to provide a solid client eBay and complete. Develops professional and attractive listings. GarageSale presents iPhoto integration, text editing “what you see” is what you get (WYSIWYG), free image hosting and more than 130 free auction designs. And with these features, among many others, it has never been easier to create lists of professionals and striking eBay.

The most advanced eBay tool for Mac
GarageSale is an elegant and complete for the online marketplace eBay client application. It’s fast, easy to use and comes with everything you need to create, list and track your listings and manage their orders and inventory.
Use the intuitive and reliable interface to create lists GarageSale eBay conveniently. Run your prepared lists whenever you want, either manually or automatically using the built-in the scheduler.

For private and commercial vendors
If eBay is your business, you will love the advanced options GarageSale eBay as stores, variations, fixed-price items, and professional designs. Even as a private vendor, GarageSale is your tool of choice because it allows you to create lists of professional-looking eBay quickly and helps you keep track of your orders.
Did we mention that you can use multiple eBay accounts at the same time?

Keep your business under control
Never miss a new order! New sections GarageSale orders keep track of the orders received and synchronized with eBay. Displays information about order status, items purchased and provides you with all the details of the buyer who needs to process the order and ship your items.

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If necessary, you can communicate with your buyers by sending them a message from eBay. Once the item is shipped, load identification and tracking eBay from GarageSale leave comments.

  • Out from the crowd, our designs free ads offer an easy way to make your listings are much more attractive. GarageSale comes with 150 customizable designs ready for you to choose. With a fingertip, you can adjust or change the way the images and description are presented. The designs are optimized for mobile devices and conform to the policy of “active content” of eBay.
  • More amazing functions
  • Financial Reporting
  • Review listings running
  • relist unsold items
  • Automatically restart listings
  • Free Planner built
  • Inventory Tracking
  • Accommodation free images available
  • Batch editing
  • Support for fixed price items and auction format
  • images list can be copied and pasted from listed
  • Images can be edited using editing applications installed images on your Mac and extensions editing
  • When selling cars on eBay Motors and eBay UK, there is now a dedicated field for vehicle identification (VIN or VRM)
  • the return policy, payment options and settings taxes you can specify in the XML format import GarageSale
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