MakeMusic Finale 2014.5.7098 Free Download Software For Mac + Torrent

MakeMusic Finale 2014.5.7098 Mac Torrent Crack Free Download. Finale is a music notation program that gives you control over every aspect of the printed page and provides control over MIDI I/O.

MakeMusic Finale 2014.5.7098 Mac Torrent Crack Free Download
What’s New in Version 2014.5.7098:
Release highlights
・SmartMusic accompaniments with high-quality audio playback. When you export an assessable solo SmartMusic accompaniment from Finale, you can now include Finale’s audio playback rather than the default MIDI sounds. This includes both playback through the Garritan Instruments for Finale sounds or other Audio Units plug-ins and any loaded audio track in a document.
・Improved audio output support. Finale is no longer restricted to playback at 44.1 kHz and can play at any sample rate supported by the selected audio output device. Additionally, Finale automatically selects another output device rather than crashing when audio devices are removed.
・Reorder staves. The Reorder Staves dialog box has been restored, allowing you to change the vertical order of multiple staves and groups at the same time.
・Automatic double barlines before key changes. This option in the Document Options – Barlines dialog box automatically places a double barline before all key changes in a document. Replacing the functionality of the removed Automatic Barlines plug-in, this feature can be overridden in individual measures.
・Beaming over page breaks. The Beam Over Barlines plug-in, part of the Patterson Beams plug-ins, now beams correctly over page breaks.
・SmartMusic file compatibility interface improvements. When creating a SmartMusic accompaniment in Finale, the SmartMusic File Compatibility dialog box now provides additional options for both automatically and manually correcting possible issues.
・Updated MusicXML and EPUB export. Among other changes, exported MusicXML files now support the automatic double barlines preceding key changes option. EPUB export has been updated to the latest EPUB 3 standard.
・Updated SmartScore X2 Lite. The scanning software included with Finale has been updated to version 10.5.8, offering improvements in recognition of beams, augmentation dots, tuplets, and other musical elements.
・Modified Stave Notation. Finale now includes a template and a FinaleScript script to create large print music according to the Modified Stave Notation (MSN) standard. Also included is a list of guidelines in the Finale User Manual under Large print music.
・Improved User Manual. The Finale User Manual is now viewable on mobile devices, uses a completely-redesigned navigational structure, includes updated and accurate content, and features substantially improved search.
・Program-wide Mac modernization. Major progress has been made on this “under-the-hood” modernization effort of updating to the latest Mac interface begun in the initial release of Finale 2014, setting the stage for continued enhancements.
・Installer updates. The Finale installer no longer causes a message to be displayed asking if you want to open a file from an unidentified developer.
・Apply Human Playback. The Apply Human Playback plug-in has been replaced with the Apply Human Playback option in the MIDI tool menu.
・Change Noteheads. The Change Noteheads utility has been updated to include the functionality of the removed Change Noteheads plug-in.
・Latin Percussion. The names of the Latin Percussion styles have been updated to reflect whether they use the Maestro or Jazz font.
・Modernized plug-ins. All of the plug-ins included with Finale have been updated to use the latest Mac interface, and plug-ins that do not apply to linked parts (such as Voice 2 to Layer) are properly disabled when editing a linked part. Additionally, many plug-ins are more reliable, including Vertical Collision Remover, Create Coda System, and Auto Dynamic Placement.
・Deprecated plug-ins. The Clear Measure Number Positioning, Command Line, Find Parallel Motion, Midline Stem Direction, and Smart Page Turns plug-ins have been removed.
・MicNotator. This feature for transcribing audio performances has been removed, but you can still record an audio track into a Finale document.
・Audio Setup. Finale no longer supports playback through AirPlay devices, which were causing Finale to exhibit erratic playback.
Fixed defectsAudio files
・Exporting a Finale document to audio now creates an accurate audio file, including when the Playback Controls are set to begin playback at a measure other than the first measure of a document.
・Finale now recognizes audio files with the .aiff extension when loading an audio track.
Copying music
・Using the filter to copy items other than notes and rests from one staff to another no longer shifts music to a different octave when Respect Instrument Ranges is selected in the Preferences – Edit dialog box.
Crescendo/decrescendo markings
・Hairpins can now be edited in measures with a whole rest in a time signature smaller than 4/4.
EPS files
・Canceling the creation of an EPS file with the Graphics tool or by choosing Compile PostScript Listing no longer requires Finale to be relaunched in order to create another EPS file.
・Compiling a PostScript listing no longer results in EPS files with a space added to the end of the .eps extension.
・You can now use the arrow keys to navigate through the expressions displayed in the Expression Selection dialog box.
・A wide variety of defects and performance issues have been addressed, resulting in a new version of the FinaleScript plug-in that is far more stable and predictable.
・FinaleScript now interfaces properly with the Score Manager.
・Finale no longer crashes when choosing Comment/Uncomment from the context menu for multiple selected lines.
・Finale no longer crashes when running the Import House Style script on OS X 10.10 Yosemite.
・The FinaleScript Editor no longer reappears at seemingly random locations after being repositioned and closed.
・The add staves command now adds staff names when specified in a script.
・The search and replace command now works correctly for fonts in articulations.
・Scripts are now placed in the correct folder and script names are now displayed correctly when duplicating a script.
・Deleting a script no longer results in focus issues for the FinaleScript Palette and the script is removed from the Plug-ins > FinaleScript submenu.
・The save dialog box command now displays the Save As dialog box.
・The open command now includes support for Finale 2014 template files.
・The menu item command now functions correctly, including when selecting and deselecting Display in Concert Pitch and when there is a slash in the name of the menu.
・The FinaleScript Editor dialog box now displays scripts longer than 57 lines.
・Commenting or uncommenting a line in the FinaleScript Editor no longer adds a duplicated character to the end of the line.
・An issue where saving a MIDI file in FinaleScript would not respect the destination folder has been corrected.
・You can now define a staff style and assign a metatool to it within a script.
Global performance improvements
・A significant effort has been put into improving slow performance throughout Finale.
・Copying and pasting or inserting in some documents is much faster.
・Entering expressions with metatools in some documents is much faster.
・Using the mouse scroll wheel to scroll up and down in Studio View on OS X 10.10 Yosemite is much faster.
・The efficiency of text rendering, particularly lyrics, has been improved.
Human Playback
・Human Playback now correctly interprets fp (forte-piano) markings for performance.
・An issue where Human Playback preferences would not apply to Audio Units plug-ins other than the included Garritan instruments has been corrected.
・Custom user-defined options are now displayed in the Apply Human Playback command in the MIDI tool menu.
・Finale no longer crashes when selecting MIDI/Audio > Reset Panning on OS X 10.10 Yosemite.
・Finale no longer crashes when standard playback is applied to one staff while swing playback is applied to another staff.
・Human Playback is now triggered when you first open a document and press Play.
Linked parts
・Finale no longer crashes when unlinking lyrics baselines using the context menu.
・You can now undo adding a measure when the measure was added while viewing a part.
・Lyrics using fixed size fonts no longer cause lyric collisions when music spacing is applied.
Measure numbers
・Option-clicking a measure when a different measure is highlighted now correctly displays the measure number on the clicked measure.
・Inserting or deleting a measure stack on a later page in Page View no longer causes Finale to scroll back to the first page.
・An issue where editing music with certain tools, especially the Speedy Entry tool, would cut or copy and paste music from one measure to another elsewhere in a document in certain situations involving multiple layers has been corrected.
Movie Window
・Links to movie files in Finale documents are now retained when saving the file.
・Exported MusicXML files now support linked graphics in JPEG, PNG, GIF, and BMP format.
・Backward repeats that jump to non-existent measures no longer cause MusicXML export to fail.
・Export is now more accurate when the Redisplay key signature if only mode is changing option is deselected in the Document Options — Key Signatures dialog box.
・Many Finale notation elements that cannot export to MusicXML are now marked with XML processing instructions in the exported MusicXML file.
Note entry
・An issue where certain MIDI keyboards such as the CME M-Key and Alesis Q series would not enter chords consistently in Speedy Entry and HyperScribe has been corrected.
・Adding a note with Simple Entry or Speedy Entry before all playback sounds have been loaded no longer causes Finale to crash on Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan.
Opening files
・Finale now displays devices such as flash drives when they are connected on OS X 10.10 Yosemite.
Pickup measures
・Copying all the music from one staff to another in a document with an empty pickup measure no longer produces offset results.
・Pressing the spacebar now pauses playback when the Playback Controls have been closed after beginning playback in a document.
・The mouse cursor no longer freezes when you press spacebar while in Simple Entry when the Playback Controls are closed.
・Playback through the SmartMusic SoftSynth is no longer distorted or transposed when the computer’s sample rate is changed from 44.1 kHz.
・The appearance of the playback cursor has been improved to be more fluid.
・The audio output device specified in System Preferences no longer overrides Finale’s audio output device when playing Finale through Audio Units.
・MIDI devices are now only displayed in italics in the MIDI/Internal Speaker Setup dialog box if the device is unavailable.
・The AlphaNotes plug-ins now function correctly on OS X 10.10 Yosemite.
・An issue where the Resize Noteheads plug-in would not display correctly and would subsequently not open on OS X 10.10 Yosemite has been corrected.
・Using the Resize Noteheads plug-in to change the size of only normal noteheads no longer causes normal noteheads to change to the note shape of other notes in a chord.
・The Cautionary Accidentals plug-in now accurately adds parentheses to notes with accidentals when instructed.
・The Check Region for Duration plug-in no longer causes Finale to crash when a document contains underfilled or overfilled measures.
・An issue where tabbing between controls in certain Finale plug-ins did not function correctly on OS X 10.10 Yosemite has been corrected.
・The Check Range plug-in now defaults to Advanced Range instead of Custom Range.
・The Add Cue Notes plug-in now adds the name of the cued instrument to the cue.
・The Global Staff Attributes plug-in now accurately reflects current staff attributes, including the recently-added Redisplay Accidentals in Other Layers Within Measures option.
・Finale now respects the state of the Save Preferences When Exiting Finale option in the Preferences – Save dialog box.
・Finale now respects the state of the Clean Up File Data option in the Preferences – Open dialog box.
Printing and PDFs
・Using a slash character in a part name no longer creates damaged PDF files.
Score Manager
・Information in the Instrument List is no longer grayed out on OS X 10.10 Yosemite.
・A drawing issue when adding instruments on OS X 10.10 Yosemite has been corrected.
Selection tool
・An issue where switching between the Selection tool and a tool that doesn’t use measure selection would sometimes unintentionally copy music has been corrected.
Shape Designer
・The Shape Designer can now access upper ASCII characters for text boxes.
SmartMusic accompaniments
・SmartMusic markers are now created in a much more reliable manner.
・Solo percussion staves in exported SmartMusic accompaniments now play back in SmartMusic with the appropriate percussion sounds.
・Selected options no longer disappear in the Export to SmartMusic – File Type dialog box on OS X 10.10 Yosemite.
Speedy Entry
・Showing or hiding an accidental no longer requires two keystrokes.
・Pressing 0 on the numeric keypad now activates the Speedy Entry frame after switching documents.
Studio View
・The Sending/Not Sending options in the Studio View staff controls context menus now function correctly.
Text and fonts
・Kerning and tracking performance has been improved.
・An issue where font styles would not match the displayed font in certain dialog boxes has been corrected.
・Disabling or enabling fonts in Font Book no longer causes Finale to crash.
・Exported EPS documents now include proper font kerning.
・Deleting a character from a text frame where tracking has been applied no longer deletes the tracking value as well.
・An issue where the Times font was misidentified as the nonexistent missing font Times Roman has been corrected.
Text Search and Replace
・Check boxes are no longer repositioned when clicking them in the Text Search and Replace dialog box on OS X 10.10 Yosemite.
Time signatures
・The Clear button in the Composite Time Signature dialog box now correctly empties all text fields.
・A display issue with text in the Time Signature dialog box on OS X 10.10 Yosemite has been corrected.
Tool palettes, menus, windows, and scroll bars
・Finale no longer crashes when exiting a selection dialog box on OS X 10.11 El Capitan.
・Tool-specific menus no longer remain onscreen when switching to a different tool.
・A range of issues involving incorrect display of tool icons and other palette elements on OS X 10.10 Yosemite have been corrected.
・A black box no longer appears when switching back to a Finale document in full screen mode from another application on OS X 10.10 Yosemite.
・The vertical scroll bar no longer turns black when resizing a document window on OS X 10.10 Yosemite.
・The tool palettes are no longer repositioned in certain instances on OS X 10.10 Yosemite.
・The tool palette icons now include Retina support.
・Custom keyboard shortcuts for selecting Main Tool Palette tools on a document-by-document basis now function correctly.

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