NEO Scavenger 1.15 (GOG-10551) Free Download Software For Mac + Torrent

NEO Scavenger 1.15 (GOG-10551) Mac Torrent Crack Free Download. NEO Scavenger is a game where you must survive in the wasteland long enough to figure out who you are. Each turn, you must decide where to go, how to scavenge for supplies, and how to deal with anything and anyone you encounter. And with each passing minute, the pit in your stomach grows, your dehydration worsens, your muscles tire, and your body temperature drops in the cold autumn air. Choose your starting abilities carefully, because they and your wit are the only tools you have in the apocalypse!

NEO Scavenger 1.15 (GOG-10551) Mac Torrent Crack Free Download

● Unique Setting – Near-future, post-apocalyptic Michigan with local cryptids and folklore. And something else beneath the surface…
● Turn-Based Play – Take your time with each turn, and play at your own pace. Save and quit when you want, and resume later.
● Permadeath – If you die, that’s it. NEO Scavenger is balanced around a single difficulty level: permadeath. Your save will be deleted if you die. So choose every action carefully!
● No Grinding – There is no XP in NEO Scavenger. No levelling-up. Instead, progress comes from learning how to play the game better, and using your strengths to your advantage.
● Semi-Random – Much of the map is randomized each game, including the location of ruins, creatures, weather, and certain quest branches.
● Sandbox or Story – Search for clues to your identity, what happened, and who’s hunting you. Or simply test your mettle against man and nature alike. Play how you want!
● Abilities and Flaws – Choose abilities and flaws each time you play. Different combos unlock different abilities and quest branches.
● Crafting – Extensive crafting system which allows for substitutions of similar items. Make a rifle scope from half a pair of binoculars, or a noise trap from a pill bottle and pebbles.
● Desperate Combat – Detailed combat with moves like “Tackle,” “Lure,” “Kick While Down,” “Demand Surrender,” and “Threaten.”
● Realistic Wounds – Creatures have complex wound simulation, with multiple wound locations, infection, bleeding, and pain management.
● Realistic Metabolism – Hypothermia, fatigue, thirst, hunger, disease, intoxication, shelter…everything is tracked.
● Realistic Inventory – Complex inventory system with slots for holding, wearing, containers, and more. Fit items in grid spaces, and manage encumbrance.
● Hex-Based World Map – Navigate ruins, hills, forests, and plains in a hex-based map. Line-of-sight, elevation, and daylight matters.
● Tracking – Creatures leave their tracks and spoor on the map, which can be followed by others. Players can also hide their tracks.
● Hiding – Players can use hiding to avoid being seen while traveling the map, as well as during story encounters.
● Hunting – Trap small game for food and fur, or track and kill larger prey on the map for butchering.
● Hacking – Use hacking skills to unlock scavenged laptops, cellphones, smartphones, and tablets. Mine them for paydata, or snoop through personal files.
● Foraging – Search for edible plants and water, and use special skills to identify what’s safe to eat.
● Haunting Soundtrack – Music composed by Josh Culler, specifically for NEO Scavenger, plays periodically, lending an atmosphere of loneliness and desperation. (Also accessible as mp3s outside game.)
● Creature AI – Wandering creatures go about their own business, hunting, scavenging, and hoarding. Morale affects their choices, and some will gang-up and cause trouble.
● Dynamic Weather – Temperature, rainfall, and night/day are based on real-world data for autumn in the area. If you live long enough, you may see snow fall.
● Detroit – Take refuge from the wasteland in one of mankind’s last bastions of safety. Buy supplies, get medical care, and seek clues in a cyberpunk-styled city.
● Trading Cards – Collect NEO Scavenger trading cards, badges, emoticons, and profile backgrounds!
What’s New in Version 1.15:
NEO Scavenger is now officially updated to v1.15! Since the test builds have been relatively stable, I’ve just finished updating the default builds to 1.15 on all sites. The “test” links are no longer necessary, and have been removed for now.
This updates the following builds:
• Flash version on the official site
• Downloadable versions on official site
• Steam default builds
• DRM-free downloads at Humble Bundle, GOG, and IndieGameStand
New changes include:
• Fixed a bug that caused misplaced/missing items and camps when autosave is enabled.
It’s not a big patch, but based on feedback so far, it solves a couple of really annoying autosave bugs. It definitely seems to have solved missing camp item issues. And whether coincidental or not, the number of corrupt save reports seems to have dropped as well.
It seems to be a net improvement, in any case, so it’s finally time to make it official.

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