Pou Hacker – Baixar,

Pou Hacker – Baixar, Dinheiro Infinito, Somos Android FreePou is an interesting game in which the player shows his parenting skills. The game is all about the care and feeding of pets. The player has to take care of a pet and as the Pou grows he get more features and items that make the game more interesting. Pou hacker is a good tool to get an unlimited amount of hacks at the same time.

Pou Hacker

Cleaning pet

Take care of Pou just like a baby. When he finishes eating clean his face. Tap to wash him with water and soap to give him a clean and tidy look. when player cleans him Pou give him a thanks note. If a player forgets to clean his face, there are chances that the animal may decrease his health status.

Pou Hacker - Baixar, Dinheiro Infinito, Somos Android Free

Win a reward

There are a lot of mini-challenges and games present. Try to complete these small games as winning such challenges will give some prizes or bonuses through which player can buy clothes and favorite food for a pet. Continue playing the mini-games also unlock some secret items that help in customizing the pet house as well as to purchase special food for Baixar Pou hacker.

Regular Feeding Of Pou Hacker

Feed animal just like an original feed. Do not feed just twice a day, it is good to provide a meal four to five times a day to make him happy. There are different food items available for pet and special meals for a specific time. for example, in breakfast give him toast and pancakes. In lunch, he would like to eat sushi with special drinks. For the dinner arrange some dessert for him. Treat a Pou hacker just like a special guest to make him satisfied and happy.

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One can also use APK generator to get coins and items for Pou. This is a useful trick for those who do not complete mini-games and win coins slowly through the game. Use the potions time to time to maintain the health of Pou hacker. Choose from small or large bottle depending on the health status of the animal. Check health status regularly to keep the animal in the good state. Like original animals Pou also need sleep, take him to the bedroom and allow him to nap or sleep when it will wake up, the player will get 100 percent energy. Get more at http://mobihackers.com

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