Pou Hacker

Pou Hacker – Baixar, Atualizado, Dinheiro Infinito Free. Do you want to spend your spare time playing with a pet? If yes then install the Pou hacker on your smart gadget. Studies reported that taking care of a pet helps people to get rid of depression and stress.

Pou Hacker

What if you get such game on your smartphone? Well, it will be a great idea as it will allow you to release your worries anywhere anytime. Pou hacker is one such game that makes you love your pet and enjoy your spare hours taking care of it.

Pou Hacker - Baixar, Atualizado, Dinheiro Infinito Free

About Pou Hacker

Pou hacker is one of the famous pet management video game that let you take care of your alien pet. You will have to feed that pet regularly. You also have to bathe and play with this pet. When you take good care of it, then you see it grow with every level. You will be able to unlock new outfits and wallpapers with every new level.

How To Grow Your Pet?

If you do not have a good idea of taking care of your pet, then read the following steps to turn your baby pet into an adult pet.

  • Clean it regularly

Your alien hates dirt, so you have to keep it clean. Wash your pet with soap and water to keep him healthy.

  • Keep your pet healthy

You have to ensure that the health condition of your pet is good. For this purpose, you will need to buy some health portions which will restore about 50 percent of you Pou’s life.

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  • Increase the Fun Status of your pet

In Baixar Pou hacker, you will find many other small games. Playing those games will help you enhance the fun status of your pet. You can also earn lots of coins which you can use for customizing the house of your pet. It will unlock some special items which you might need for your pet.

  • Feed it regularly

Every living being needs to eat sometime. Pou is also about an alien pet who needs food to grow. When you are playing this game, then you have to feed your Pou about four meals a day. It includes a dessert, dinner, lunch, and breakfast. Get more hacks at http://www.sickbits.net/.

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